Creating Still Life Photos

Smoking by Vaughan Weather

Still life photos come in all shapes and forms, but rather than bowls of fruit, colourful wine glasses and other more typical items, I prefer still life photos that are still true to reality but far more surreal in nature.

Last Friday, while trying to figure out how to make a champagne glass exciting, I spotted a few flammable chemicals sitting on my work bench.

Of course, a light bulb went off and after trying a few different techniques using propane, butane, gasoline and other things I decided a champagne glass filled with water and just a drop of gasoline was perfect.

I set my temporary work space up with a couple black reflectors and used a speed light to illuminate the image from above.

Garage Studio
You can see, this garage studio is a pretty quick simple, yet effective setup.

I only did some very minor correcting in photoshop to give the interior of the flame a blue glow but kept the rest of it natural.

I was very pleased with the result and it made my Friday very interesting!