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A Quick Collage

Gravel Collage by Vaughan Weather

It’s easy to ignore the simpler things beneath our feet or above our heads but sometimes a simple pattern on an asphalt road or interlock pathway can make a wonderful photo if framed from above looking down.
In this case, the stone covered shore along Lake Ontario provided me with a wonderful random collage of rocks. I’ve actually taken numerous photos of the ground along this same stretch of shoreline under all sorts of lighting conditions. Generally speaking I find morning/evening and overcast daylight are the best conditions. Full sun works sometimes and can be very useful in creating high contrast images but sometimes it washes out too much detail or makes the image too harsh.

Whatever the case, next time you’re walking past anything, a wall, a fence, the ground, a roof, just take a second and stop. Think to yourself, if I took a photo of the pattern or random assortment of pieces composing the whole, would it be a cool photo?

Chances are the answer is yes, and you might just surprise yourself how you can find great photos almost anywhere!