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Eaton Centre Christmas

Eaton Centre - Up Into The Tree 2Christmas is a very popular time of year for photo enthusiasts to brave the cold and head out to capture the best displays that the season has to offer, but in some cases you don’t have to freeze!

A very popular spot in Toronto is the Eaton Centre atrium where every year millions of visitors are treated to different displays often crafted by graphic design companies that are paid to create the colorful Christmas installations by Cadillac Fairview.

Now I know what your thinking, malls are private property and they’re often not fans of people wandering around with cameras. This was true for the Eaton Centre until about 2006 when camera phones began to proliferate the market. I’m not sure exactly when mall security in the Eaton Centre gave up chasing people with camera phones but by 2009 they did not seem to care anymore. Security still chased people with large cameras but that changed sometime in 2012. Since then I’ve seen many hundreds, dare I say thousands of photo enthusiasts running through the mall with gear ranging from your run of the mill $20 vintage Leica to those with no less than $5000 of equipment dangling around their neck.

So if you want to beat the cold, do some shopping, enjoy a latte,  tell everyone in the Apple store how much of a rip-off the MacBook Air is and fight hipsters to the death while snapping some photos of Christmas art installations then check of the Toronto Eaton Centre.