Canon 5DSR

The latest, biggest and baddest addition to my photographic arsenal is the Canon 5DSR. This beast of a camera shoots at a whopping 53 megapixels (effectively 50.6), more than double the resolution of the 5DMKIII, three times the resolution of the T4i and over four times the resolution of the XSi. Part of the reason I splurged on this camera was the desire to utilize the new Canon 11-24mm lens to the fullest, which means squeezing every pixel out this body/lens combination.

Canon EOS 5DSR

Canon EOS 5DSR

In short, the 5DSR is basically a 5DMKIII on steroids, it’s virtually the same exact body with a couple tweaks in the menu, more vibrant colours and overall better colour science with much more powerful Dual DIGIC 6 processors. The tradeoff is that the autofocus is a hair slower than the 5DMKIII and the 5DSR can only shoot 5 frame per second vs the 6 frames per second the 5DMKIII can shoot. All in all though, for landscape, weather, sky and studio portrait photography, the 5DSR is a powerful tool!

The Canon 5DSR with a Cokin Z-Pro sunset filter

The Canon 5DSR with a Cokin Z-Pro sunset filter

If you’re wondering which camera I give preference to, don’t worry, the 5DMKIII and T4i still get plenty of use. I basically keep a different lens on each body so I can quickly achieve the photo I desire without having to switch lenses. Wider lenses I tend to keep on the 5DSR, midrange lenses on the T4i and zoom lenses on the 5DMKIII. I found that the autofocus of the 5DMKIII is superior to the T4i and yields very good results when shooting something soft like a tornado at 150-200 millimeters which might not have rigid contrast. The T4i does very well with intermediate lenses and gives the 24-70mm lens a little more reach while maintaining autofocus. The 5DSR is slower than the MKIII but faster than the T4i and yields a lot of information that can be used to crop wide-angle shots.

Enjoy some sample photos I’ve taken with the 5DSR below!

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo – Full Resolution Here

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo 2

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo 2 – Full Resolution Here

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo 3

EOS 5DSR Sample Photo 3 – Full Resolution Here